Unique Media® Map Titles 

(maps on reverse in parentheses)

  1. The World (The Pacific Rim)
  2. United States - USA (Hawaii, Alaska)
  3. New York City (Manhattan)
  4. Manhattan (Midtown Manhattan, Ellis Island)
  5. Las Vegas (Grand Canyon, Lake Mead Country)
  6. Greater Los Angeles (Downtown LA)
  7. San Diego 
  8. San Francisco and the Bay Area (Downtown San Francisco, San Jose/Silicon Valley, Downtown Oakland, BART System Map)
  9. Niagara Falls (and the Niagara Region: Buffalo, Hamilton)
  10. Florida 
  11. California (California & Nevada)
  12. Pacific Northwest 
  13. Canada (Ottawa)
  14. Greater Toronto and Area (Downtown Toronto, GO Transit and TTC maps)
  15. Downtown Toronto (Greater Toronto, Bloor Yorkville, GO Transit, TTC and Path maps)
  16. Vancouver (Greater Vancouver & the Coastal Region, including Seattle)

  NYC Map 

Unique Media Collection® 

Each Unique Media Map contains interesting and useful information on the reverse. Use them for FAQs, trivia, and tourism - or customize with information for your clients.

All Unique Media maps & travel guides are printed on durable, quality paper. They are available flat laminated or folded.

Actual size: 18x27" (46x69cm). Folded: 4x9" (10x23cm).